Know About The Basic Differentiation Of Eliquid



Know About The Basic Differentiation Of Eliquid

With the change in trends and innovation, people have now started adopting a much compact, portable and easily rechargeable way of taking vapes, through e-cigarettes. These are one of the most contemporary products brought in a similar line with hookah that has been largely famous all across the globe. However today, as people know that carrying their favourite stuff everywhere they go is not pretty much easy, thus, alternatives like electronic cigarettes are now taking over. Eliquid is the soul of the vapes, completely responsible for bringing in the incredible taste and flavor. So, if you are also the one who wishes to discover more about them, then this is the right spot!



Get acquainted with the concept of VG and PG

Generally, this is something that people largely oversee, and those who know about it, don’t pay much attention to. However, it is the main base solution within eliquid that is either made up of Vegetable Glycerol (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG) or by combining both of these. When it comes to detailed understanding, then PG provides you with a great flavour, however, it produces weak smoke or vapor. On the other side, VG is considered highly viscous and it has got a slightly sweet taste, however, it is known for the ability to produce massive vapor clouds.

Thus, it is pretty clear that you most likely choose the one which balances out the limitations of other, and gives you a great Eliquid that you desire. In general, the common VG to PG ration is 60:40 and a lot of users feel quite satisfied with this kind of combination, the flavour, and vapor that this mix brings in.

So, what to choose?

Well, a combination of both will definitely give a great output. However, there are some people who are allergic to PG and they might experience hives, itching etc. so, make sure that you don’t have any such problem with PG base eliquid.